O3ONE, as a communication project, was created as an art and business concept in the domestic scene of visual arts, with a communication with the widest possible audience as its main goal. The project was started with the idea of producing a platform for creation and promotion of the ideas from the field of synergy of arts, technology and science. O3ONE project is trying to answer the challenges which new technologies and models of financing seem to obtrude upon the contemporary cultural production, mainly through numerous artistic exhibitions and multidisciplinary projects it initiates. O3ONE programme is divided into three sections: Art3ONE, Eko3ONE and Open3ONE. They represent focal points of the subprogrammes – arts, technology, science and education through the arts, but, just as importantly, their mutual relationship and intertwining.

What is an appropriate manner to address the citizens today, in a way that would make sense? Possible answers include: by nurturing cultural democracy, spreading education through the arts, participatory projects, exchange of experiences and continual learning. As a knot of the artistic and cultural energies, O3ONE intends to be an inspiring creative resource for diverse audiences.

Serbia needs a cultural policy model that implies an emancipated artist and an open culture, in a state that is not exclusively ethnically or teritorially founded, that supports cultural practices and trends developed through international collaboration.

The significance of social networks is very high, as well as that of the media and digital technology, enabling new manners of influence over public policies and society. The citizens largely define the approach to the unformal education through new forms of social participation. The engagement of the public can become dependent on small groups that deal with individual problems, “spin doctors” and marketing professionals. We are hoping to become a small part of a bigger system – O3ONE.

The challenges of the global economic crisis represent an opportunity to find innovative solutions and the engagement of the “citizen”. This time is the first insofar as the recognition of the role of culture in economical development of the society is concerned, where the creativity emanating from culture is being engaged in all the areas of the society. Hence, the O3ONE observes the crisis as an opportunity to do things in a new way, for a society to fight for a new logic, by means of a collaboration through partnership.

The vision

Creative strategies are vital to a successful society, and a creative society is a productive society. Culture is both what we make and what defines us. O3ONE believes in a vision of values, traditions and beliefs that make the XXI century Serbia – unique, democratic, diverse, adjustable and fundamentally based in the European civilisation.