Lipizzaner horses by Alenka SLAVINEC

“To spend days, hours, even moments with the Lipizzaner stallions is a privilege and an honor that I will cherish all my life. They filled me with joy and confidence and when I created these photographs I felt a rush of belonging, pride, and patriotism for my country. All of this with the good fortune of having a setting that was far more peaceful than the days we demanded our sovereignty. In these photos, I strove to illustrate my life’s experience of love towards creation, photography, animals, and nature. This project has demanded all of my expertise in communicology, international promotion, marketing, and artistic production. I would like to thank all of you who believed in me and supported me on this journey.”


Ms. SLAVINEC is one of the finest emerging photographers in Slovenia, known not only as an artist but also as a leading expert and luminary in her field. She is recognized for leading, collaborating and initiating key programs within the artistic community in Slovenia, The United States, and other international territories. Photographer and film producer Alenka SLAVINEC was born in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia. She studied social sciences at the University of Ljubljana and Film and Photography at the New York Film Academy (NYFA).

Her past and present works include a public relations position at Saatchi & Saatchi, the official photographer for The Slovenia Times of Ljubljana. Her productions include films such as The World Didn’t Know It Landed In The Poem, a documentary about renowned Slovenian photographer Stojan Kerbler, official Montreal And Magnolia film festival selection “Coming Home”, directed by Aksel Stasny, and “All that Glitters” a feature drama. She has also collaborated with known film director Jasny Voiteck on numerous projects. Alenka SLAVINEC serves as a cultural manager at the Museum of transitory art (MOTA) in Ljubljana and Wayward Pen Foundation in New York City, a non- profit cross-cultural organization dedicated to the exchange between new and emerging European, Slovenian and American artists.


The author introduces the history of Slovenia from 1991 to 2010 with 20 selected photographs. Alenka sums up the key milestones of a young country; the secession from Yugoslavia, accession to the UN, joining the EU and NATO, a Presidency of the EU, and the adoption of Euro amongst other achievements. Twenty photographs illustrate 20 years of Slovenian independence and each year is defined by the most significant events in Slovenian politics, all of which are depicted through the beautiful and cherished piece of Slovenian heritage; The Lippizaner Stallion.


The creator of this project, Alenka SLAVINEC, constantly expresses love for nature, country, and cultural heritage through her work. Ms. SLAVINEC prepared this project with a strong artistic, native and political value within the international environment. For this project, she has chosen the Lipizzaner horses captured in their natural environment of Lipica. The photography exhibition “SLOVENIA IN US” Lipizzaner horses by Alenka SLAVINEC was firstly introduced on February 8th, 2011 in Washington D.C., on Slovenian national cultural day. The prime minister Borut Pahor opened the exhibition. Ms. SLAVINEC designed the project in the most artistically comprehensive way by incorporating political as well as cultural aspects of Slovenia. The exhibition is visual poetry while at the same time illustrating a memorandum of 20 years since Slovenia gained its sovereignty.

The Lipizzaner horses kindly accepted Alenka as they showed her their more untamed nature while they embraced their freedom on the plateaus of Lipica. She created mysterious, illusory and highly artistic photographs of Lipizzaner horse. The stallion is presented by itself with its independence and as a herd with its connectivity. Alenka observes and feels in the Lipizzaner stallion everything she experienced when Slovenia gained its independence. At the same time, she personalizes the horse and transcends her journey through life as a Slovenian citizen, growing up in Ptuj and moving to New York, Australia and other places around the world.

September 28, 2012


October 4th - 13th, 2012 > opening at 18h

Lipizzaner horses by Alenka SLAVINEC “To spend days, hours, even moments with the Lipizzaner stallions is a privilege and an honor that I will cherish all my life. They filled me with […]
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