Belgrade Festival of New Communications, B-link, is a manifestation created as an O3ONE initiative which accentuates and supports creative and innovative tendencies in the technological environment, mainly in the field of web design and management. Here, arts, technologies and business, more so than in any other area, function together.

The philosophy of the festival, which takes a virtual glance at the reality, is to educate about the existence of the advanced channels of communication in the experimental production and web management, as well as to integrate these two fields into a new discipline. Five years after the festival was founded, it has solidified its position among the annual city manifestations, and has acchieved a strong bond with the audiences who are open to innovations, experiment in arts and communications in general. A large number of visitors and a strong media presence during the B-link 2009 proves that this kind of a direct, unconventional and fun approach to education about the new communications sparks a great interest in our society.

The festival promotes a creative use of the most advanced tools, methods and media which are a product of technological, internet and electronic revolution. Integration of these acchievements into programme units enables an interdisciplinary exchange of the findings in this area among the teaching experts, as well as a dissemination of these findings among the audiences.


Through its enormous expansion, technology becomes an unavoidable element of the today’s world which, in return, offers its innovations as a means to connect different people with different professions more quickly, thus creating a complex creative machinery. Our tendency is a practical application, promotion, education and use of new services, new ideas, active collaboration and exchange with the world, a faster connection of people through new means of communication, as well as the use of the new technologies in the cities all over Serbia. The most important component of this kind of a cultural manifestation is keeping up with the world standards, so that the technical evolution may expand to these territories. Since we live in a modern society where each innovation in communications entails a change in our immediate environment, B-link tends to explain them and bring them closer to the users.

Programme structure

B-link festival represents an interactive zone where experiences are exchanged between the people who create and enhance new communication channels and those who use them daily. The programme is educational and is constituted of diverse thematic units which include:

  • Creative workshops (animations, video games, giffs, screen savers, web design)
  • Call for lecturers for the festival
  • Voting (B-link festival 2010 theme)
  • Video conferences
  • Live streaming
  • Panel discussions
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Lectures

With its already traditional form and expression, B-link discoveres new terms of technological grammar, successfully instigating its audience to speak in a new, maybe even the only true esperanto.