O3ONE is organizing a COMPETITION for art projects from the domain of contemporary art, design and architecture, which are going to be presented throughout 2010 at the O3one art space.  The entries submitted should be innovative, and should improve the art-scene. Criteria for choosing the projects to be presented during 2010 shall be based on: conceptual orientation, innovation and the capability to use O3one art-space adequately, the ability to communicate, interdisciplinary character and the possibility for a successful realization of the project.

The competition is open to: domestic and foreign authors/groups of authors and Institutions/associations of citizens.

Material for the competition should be submitted in digital format cd/dvd, from 7th until 15th September 2009, address: Andrićev venac 12, 11000 Belgrade. O3one work days from 2pm – 8pm.

Material to be submitted should include:

  • APPLICATION FORM, which can be downloaded here

– CV – up to 500 words

– For the category “ARCHITECTURE” and ”DESIGN”: a selection of the works from artists portfolio – up to 3 works (realized, prototypes and not realized works). For each of the realized works please submit up to 3 photographs or up to 30seconds of video material, and for each of the unrealized works, please submit  up to 3 graphic designs (drafts, layouts or 3D models)  or max 30” (seconds) of video animation. If the author of the works had participated in solo or group exhibitions, please submit illustrations of the works which were exhibited – up to three exhibitions. For each of those exhibitions please submit up to 5 photographs or up to 1’ (minute) of video material.

– For the category ”CONTEMPORARY ART”: Examples of previously exhibited works – up to 3 solo and 3 group exhibitions. For each of those exhibitions please submit a concise concept and up to 10 photographs or up to 3 minutes of video material.


  • Name/Title
  • Synopsis
  • Photographs or drafts of the elements of the project
  • Layout of the project as it will be shown in the gallery
  • Technical specification (media, formats of the works, duration of the work, material)
  • Technical list (material and human resources and time required for realization)


* Submitted project must be an original, previously not exhibited/published in Belgrade;
* It is necessary to use the technical equipment of O3ONE;
* O3ONE will not cover the costs of production of the works, but will participate in coproduction of certain projects of its choice;
* All projects must be feasible starting from January 2010;
* O3ONE provides the space, promotion and media support to the project;
* O3ONE provides additional promotion of the project through a mobile phone – Bluetooth sender, SMS, MMS and KlikMee technology;
* Material submitted shall not be returned

Results of the competition shall be available at O3ONE website – www.o3one.rs until 1st November 2009. Allocation of the time for the realization of the winning projects and signing of the contracts shall be completed until the end of 2009.

A detailed explanation of certain items from the proposition can be found here. Incomplete material submitted or material submitted after the deadline shall not be taken into consideration.

For all additional information please email us at: info@o3one.rs