Project O3ONE proudly boasts with long-term donors in carrying out numerous projects. Of event greater importance is that O3ONE is supported by the following donors from the economy sector: Raiffeisen Bank, Lightology, Macola, Guarana, Ebart, Alma Quatro, CRI domains and DPC.

Raiffeisen Bank, for the fifth year in a row is a general sponsor of the O3ONE project and it allows project’s functioning and its actions in the region. Within this strategic linkage, O3ONE shows a high level of loyalty and recognizes social platform which generates the greatest human potentials – knowledge and creativity.

Besides the aforementioned, donors of the O3ONE project are Lightology, Macola, Alma Quatro, CRI domains and DPC as the most responsible donors for the overall technical infrastructure, functioning and the atmosphere in the art space of the O3ONE project.