International artists and cultural operators are invited to submit their works in any medium or discipline (visual arts, sound or performance, architecture, design, video art, photography, digital work, installation, performing arts etc.) and participate in this open call for the year 2014.

The rights to apply have artists / group of authors and institutions / associations of citizens, from Serbia and worldwide.

The Executive Director, Curator and the Advisory board will review the applications and select the Art works that will be included in the exhibitions during 2014. The Advisory Board will be made up of artists and prominent art professionals, entrepreneurs and creative industries professionals, influential individuals from different fields with interest in contemporary art. The Advisory board meets several times a year in order to achieve the greatest scope of review of documentation and a wide range of choices of different proposed works and the types of projects.

O3ONE will select artists based on the artistic strength, vision, and professional capability, as well the artist’s relevance to curatorial concepts identified for the upcoming programming year: innovative and interdisciplinary projects. O3ONE is interested in seeing work that proposes critical as well as imaginative approaches to content and form. The selection process takes into account the many and diverse artistic practices that artists develop and use, with the purpose of presenting various ways of being, experiencing, and producing in the world today.

To take part in the selection, the artists will also be asked to submit:

  • an artist statement (cannot exceed 600 words – text describing artistic practice in more detail, further explaining the concepts that inform it, the forms it takes, and the rationale or motivations behind the work);
  • up to 3 professional references with contact information;
  • PDF version of artists CV / biography (videography optional)

Photographs or drawings of individual elements settings
Sketches or 3D animation settings in the gallery
Technical specification (medium, dimensions of work, duration of work, material)
Technical Data Sheet (material and human resources and the time needed for implementation).

The number of works that can be submitted is unlimited.

Images / Samples of your work:
Images — all images must be JPG, TIF, GIF or PNG and less than 1 megabyte.
Audio — audio entries must be MP3 files. The file must be less than 5 megabytes in size (only excerpts)
Video — Please upload a frame/image from your video and on the next screen you will be prompted to enter a URL. For a video to be reviewed you must find a place on the internet to host your video. Sites you can use include YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, or your personal website. Upload your video at the hosting site, and then enter the link to the hosted video in the URL field of the title and description section. Only excerpts of each video will be reviewed.
Please refer to the descriptions below for details regarding the format of these entries.
Each item you upload must include a title and caption. Captions should be formatted to include Title, Date, Medium, Dimension, Edition, Printer/Publisher, and a short description of the work.

The application can be downloaded here and together with required material sent via email to or via snail mail to:
O3ONE gallery
Andrićev venac, 2
Beograd, Srbija


  • Competition project must first be exhibited / published in Belgrade;
  • O3One bears not the costs of production work, but may participate in the co-production of certain selected projects;
  • O3One provides space, promotion and media coverage of the project;
  • Open call material will not be returned
  • open call material can be submitted exclusively in electronic format (on CD or USB)
  • The distribution terms of selected projects and the signing of the contract will be carried out during in 2014. year, no later than 60 days after the receipt of the project proposal.
  • The uncompleted open call material will not be considered.

For additional information, please contact us via e-mail to: