About the project

Closely associated with the home exhibition space, PRO3OR gallery, the O3ONE project, launched over thirteen years ago, is an art-social platform serving the purpose of creating synergy between art, science, education, and technology. We initiate and support artistic projects that we deem most valuable to society – ones that question, change and improve the current society that we live in. Moreover, we place special emphasis on cooperating with independent artists who have their own personal initiatives, so that together with the support of the O3ONE project, they may realize their vision(s). The O3ONE project perceives and treats artists as figures not separate from society with an unclear social role and status, but rather as active citizens with common progress. In that sense, we are interested in any initiative that brings about change, whether this “change” is in the form of art projects with an educational, scientific theme, or some other emancipatory compendium for the environment we live in.