About the project

Contemporary art is the driving force of culture. O3ONE project came into being ten years ago with a goal to support creative, and developmental aspirations which allow culture to transform continuously in order to follow changes in social structure and scientific and technological development. Essentially O3ONE was designed as a platform for the creation of synergy between art, science and technology.

Today, O3ONE is developing its program through the dynamics of the relation between those artistic forms that are mostly directed towards acknowledging and documenting vibrant cultural heritage in the artistic manner, and those that tend to continuously and actively transform paradigms in contemporary culture. In that way O3ONE has an objective to promote artists that are active as guardians of those elements of heirdom that are not yet recognized as valuable, and at the same time to help those artists that are changing ossified and depleted cultural patterns and adjusting them to the demands of modern time.

In both segments of its program, O3ONE is emphasising the fact that artists are not outside the society, or in any way are they citizens that are passive and have a vague social role and status. Art projects that O3ONE supports in its program are manifestations of the active attitude their authors have regarding culture they work in, and responsibility they feel for it. Exhibitions and multidisciplinary projects that are being realized under the patronage of O3ONE, have a goal to actively contribute to culture in local environment, the region, and Europe as well.

With its constant acceptance of independent and personal initiatives made by artists as well as other participants in the field of art, O3ONE thrives to develop flexible ways of action that will enable instant reactions to new artistic phenomena and tendencies, even before they are detected by public cultural institutions. Placing the content from segments of art that are still hidden, and often not articulated enough, to the media and general public in exactly the right time is the quality that O3ONE is paying special attention to. Giving visibility to pieces of art at the time and context in which they can change, not only the perception of the audience, but also their views of some of the current issues that are relevant to every individual, and by doing so encourage citizens to become more proactive is one of the main goals and program priorities of O3ONE.