Program Council

The Council is a body formed with the intention to contribute to the functioning of O3ONE art project and the quality of its exhibitions, events and activities.

At the end of each calendar year the Council makes a concept for the next one, and picks exhibitions and artists that will in the best way contribute to the O3ONE mission which is defined in its fundamental program principles.

Council members:

1Velimir Curgus Kazimir

Velimir Curgus (1948), was a founder and a director of Ebart consulting form 2001 until 2014. He was a journalist and an editor of the culture column in Politika newspapers form 1998 until year 1996. Before that for eight years he was an editor of the publishing sector in the Research and publishing center of Serbia’s youth in Belgrade. He is also one of the founders of Independent Journalist Association in Serbia.

He has written about fifteen books and essays on the subject of culture and cultural policy. His essays and books have been translated to English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and several smaller languages. He has researched media, media analysis and media literacy.

He has been an editor on a number of books regarding the relationship between media, politics and culture. And is an author on many projects form the field of research of media and culture.

Velimir Curgus is a winner of the International award for a written essay given by magazine Lettre International in year 2000. He has been a member of Serbian PEN center since 1987.

He has also been painting, especially using combined techniques on paper. He has had six solo exhibitions so far, the last one was held in O3ONE gallery in December 2014. He is also an author of two scripts for short films.

On October 31st 2014 he has started an online publication “Materials for the Melancholy Museum” and in year 2015 he has published a book of stories and projects “Melancholy Museum”.

2Dragan Bulatovic

Dragan Bulatovic has graduated from Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in the art history group in 1977, and has earned his master’s degree on the same faculty on the History of Modern Art Module in 1988. He has defended his PhD thesis “Joint discourse on art and the problem of non allusiveness in Serbia’s paintings of the 20th century” in year 2005.

He has worked as a curator in the sector of the historical and style development of artistic equipment, books, applied graphics and photography in the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade from 1978 to 1980. Since 1988 he worked as an assistant and in 2015 he became a professor on the module for Museology and Heritology on bachelor, master and PhD studies on the Faculty of Philosophy. He is a guest professor of museology on the University of Art in Belgrade and on multidisciplinary programme History and Philosophy of Science and Technology on the University of Belgrade. He is also a guest professor on the Universities of Ljubljana and Zagreb.

He founded the Center for Museology and Heritology on the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in 2010. In the field of heritage conservation he has worked on listing and museum processing of collections of photographs and letters in Hilandar monastery. He has organized a number of symposiums. With his associates he created the Heirdom and War project, which is an internet database of cultural goods in Yugoslavia that were destroyed during the NATO intervention in 1999. He was the president of the executive board of the Art Historian Association of Serbia form 1986 to 1990 and a member of the presidency of Art Historian Association of Yugoslavia from 1989 to 1991. He was also a member of commission for expert museum exams. He has been a member of ICOM since 1999. And is a founder of Center for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija - Mnemosyne.

And is an author of many books and studies.

3Nebojsa Babic

He was born in Belgrade in year 1968.

He is one of the leading photographers in Serbia that has won a great number of awards that include Great prize of May Salon in 2005, and Pantene Beauty Awards for the best fashion photographer of Serbia and Montenegro in 2002 and 2004. His work is continuously exhibited both in the country and abroad, and it is also held in the collection of The Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He had an important contribution to the realization of many projects for Unesco and Unicef.

Nebojsa is open to new ideas and is continuously cooperating with cultural institutions, humanitarian organizations, publishing houses and a number of creative agencies in Serbia and abroad, trying to give his contribution to the general development of creative ideas.

In 1998 he founded ORANGE STUDIO, a creative studio for applied photography and visual communications, which is a successful and recognized creative agency today.

In 2004 he founded O3ONE, a multimedia art project first of its kind in Serbia. In 2005 O3ONE received the Bizart award that is awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia for the most successful strategic partnership between the sectors of culture and design and the business sector. UEPS awarded O3ONE with the Golden Accolade for the non-profit outdoor campaign for the series of billboards depicting folk proverbs and riddles in a new modern “packaging”.

Nebojsa Babic and the O3ONE project received the Disruption award for a step forward in creativity and different approach to work.

Nebojsa is a memberof many organizations and expert associations (Ulupudus, USUF Ppof-E, SAM, IAA and Serbia Philanthropy Forum).

He is the father of Tara and Tisa.