What is RSS O3Info ?

RSS O3Info is a simple way of getting automatic and timely update of your favourite news and information from O3ONE blog straight to RSS reader on your mobile phone or computer.

Our web site is updated on regular basis, so all the changes will be made through your RSS news reader. In the RSS news reader you will find the latest headlines – each one with its subtitle and a link to the main article on O3ONE blog.How to subscribe to RSS O3Info?

RSS O3Vesti

You have to use the program which has a function of RSS reader. That program displays RSS news and data from Internet locations of your choice. There are several ways of getting RSS O3Info:

• Drag and drop the orange RSS button into your reader
• Drag and drop URL address RSS O3Info into your RSS reader
• Copy and paste the URL address RSS O3Info into your RSS reader

Note: Latest versions of RSS news reader have an option to inform the user of the possibility to get RSS O3Info while you read your chosen Internet page.

Where can I find RSS readers?

If you are a Mozilla Firefox internet browser user, you can click on the RSS button at the bottom of the space provided for the address of the site … After receiving the confirmation, your bookmarks will have RSS O3Info.