Season 2016

In line with the fundamental determinants of our work, O3ONE has defined its main program theme for this year as THE ART OF COLLECTING.

Passion for gathering is an anthropological feature that can be traced back through whole history of human kind. But not all gatherers make collections, and those who do usually don’t see them as art. In O3ONE program for 2016 we will show various collections by artists that have sublimed their passion and in many interesting ways turned their collections into unique works of art. From many objects that are alike they have made such assemblages that have become “specific art installations in space”.

Photography remains in the focus of O3ONE, and photographs themselves are a collection of impressions. Urban regeneration and sustainable cultural environment, inclusive work in culture and innovative actions by artists are a basic fundament to O3ONE program. Photography as a medium has a special place in all of this, because it has a capacity to record and save sights and sequences of the processes that are happening in front of the camera. Photography is a testament to society and culture, but it is also a testament to some regular everyday actions.

Photography is in the focus mainly because of its characteristic to carry visual remains of unstable and often ephemeral processes that are usually left unseen in the culture of spectacle. Large number of scenes that are present in the media are suppressing and sometimes completely deleting many things that are worth saving. Photography also conserves cultural diversity that is constantly being endangered by the globalization of media and culture. Our concern for conservation of the culture of photography in the age of democratization of photo technology is promoting an active approach to visual creation and formulation.