Main sponsor in supporting O3ONE project’s development is the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.

Due to the other eminent sponsor’s, Belgrade 2020, UNICEF and USAID, project O3ONE is realizing it’s program which is considered substantial by the sponsors.
Belgrade 2020 is an organization responsible for applying for the title of European Capital of Culture, and it is a strategic partner of the O3ONE project which is actively involved in the process of interactive thematic and comprehensive ten-year long strategic development of culture. In additions to these facts it should be noted that this cooperation is reflected in the series of program activities.

UNICEF is O3ONE’s long-term partner. The collaboration with UNICEF is seen in creation of the actions and programs with visible CSR dimension. By organizing events, actions, exhibitions and lectures, O3ONE supports the activities of this international organization and leaves room for its local effect.

The support of USAID provides international exchange of artists and lectures and an educational potential is being developed.