David Maroto
DISILLUSION: Between Artwork and Game Disillusion is a board game for two players and, at the same time, it is the central piece of David Maroto’s project Second Circle. The special kind of participation that the game implies is, interestingly enough, here supposed to be applied as a creative method. When one plays the game, his/her subjectivity is not relevant anymore and he/she rather becomes one element of the game that is being played. This is a particular way of getting beyond one’s subjectivity (since one does not exactly decide by oneself, but according to a system of rules where he/she is involved) and of thinking in another way than usually. Game is a medium to generate meaning through experience. Indeed, this kind of experience is artificially created and, when one sees a game from outside, can be easily considered as a banal thing. But (and this is very important) to be able to understand a game, first of all – one must PLAY it.

David Maroto is a Spanish artist based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). His art practice revolves around two main projects, games, and visual narratives. They have been developed in different solo and collective exhibitions as well as artist-in-residence programs in The Netherlands, New York, Spain, Germany, and the UK. Among his most recent projects, there is the video installation Déjà vu ([De ïs Ka], Amsterdam); The Peekskill Project (Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York); And the one-year-long project Second Circle, which took place in the centers for contemporary art TENT. (Rotterdam) and W139 (Amsterdam). Currently, he is carrying out the production and public distribution of his game Disillusion in stores throughout the country, in collaboration with the Dutch game company Vendetta and Episode Publishers.

Instituto Cervantes de Belgrado
BKVB – The Netherlands Foundation for Visual arts, Design and Architecture

O3ONE, Andrićev Venac no.12, Belgrade
art-economy 2007

Thursday, 24/05/2007, 17:00


David Maroto
DISILLUSION: Between Artwork and Game
(Art and economy, analyze of one model)

May 24, 2007


David Maroto
May 24th, 2007

David Maroto DISILLUSION: Between Artwork and Game 
May 14, 2007

Culture Rocks The City

May 14th, 2007

‘Active Citizens – Local Cultures – European Politics’ Conference / Documentary Film Projection / Book Presentation