Today’s moment in which we’re living in, most of us observe as subjective prism view of egoistic and personal, shorthanded and shortsighted goals, mixed up with daily socio-political depression. How is it to work in such an environment? Who is creative? Who are those representatives of the “bright new world”? Who’s stepping out? Step out in communication with the outer world, unconditioned by local iconography, daring and bold, step out into the professional life outside of the safe school boundaries, out of parents’ home, out of society…

In front of you is the selection of five young, Belgrade-based artists who have made enough effort to make this step. The “Borba” of Nenad Jeremić has grown from a home-based video based on a semi-real beating into free chaos of larger proportions, in which the frame of events as well as in video games of the first-person shooter, and strategy is given only in the parameter space and time. In a strange blend of battered Quake or Doom, at moments mortally humorous and at the same time coldly chaotic, he intertwines the characters of his friends and acquaintances, fearing them with characters similar to the icons of gamer gatherings. His work without narrative pretensions, the turbulent phenomenon of group experiment and the fundamentals of the game as a socializing binder.

Dušica Petrović Iskra is not an artist. Her creations, as it is not about works of art de facto, are produced as exhibits of very precise philosophical and metaphysical observations; they could be best suited for signs or symbols that Iskra uses to publicize her views and opinions. Iskra does not belong to any surreal family, yet she is on this path: it is an artwork. Her thoughts are labeled on her own and do not hide and do not give way to daily compromises that we do every day.

Katarina Radović’s inspiration finds its focus in the ambiguity of its public domain, which interweaves from documented anonymous encounters to set-ups in the key of newcomer advertising campaigns. The rawness and the bare practicality of others, such as the camouflage network, conceal the core of the content of the artwork – the question of the identity of the personality identity and its multiplication.

The multiplication of the artist’s character is played and repeated (mapped) situations, from real and seen life, is a frequent motive for several series of her photographs. Taking a “roll” is not limited to a formal download of the “form”, but it is defined in a specific embedded output that emanates from these works. The characters that the artist will meet through their own in some cases of very bizarre “trips” are crossed, as in the gallery of mirrors with the image of the artist himself.

The paintings of Bosnić-Miličević’s artistic mosaic create a unique vision from the formally opposing watching tradition; One is a play of perfect romantic scenes, whose motifs, according to the monumentality of space and atmosphere, ranging from landscape to the scene of world metropolis. What appears to be recognizable evades the definition; the scene is everywhere and nowhere. By destroying this original content by a geometrically and colorfully coded network, the artist discovers the structure of this misconception, but also the simplified world order reflected in the hierarchies of stereotypes that, as well as the scenes repeat and rebuild in endless arrays.

My choice was primarily based on the knowledge of artists and artworks, which is the basis of any deeper analysis of the artwork and artist’s poetics, contrary to the trend of “supermarket” exhibitions, made by key and catalog. The diversity in the expression is presented here as a parameter of the limitlessness and possible democratization of the artistic expression; The universality in the visual language of these artists is a clear message that the context of the local really is completely overcome: the artist knows how to communicate and that his domain is the domain of humanity. He is also fully aware that his audience is now immeasurable and that theoretical hegemony loses ground under his feet.

HD European Consulting Group has made an epoch-making step in the framework of its presentation. By their desire to mark their jubilee with such a truly unusual and modesty with a unique and exciting exchange between the world of business and contemporary art. HD European Consulting Group will unite as part of its fifth anniversary of its strategic partner, the presidents of leading business companies in the country and the promotion of young contemporary artists.

On the possible path of Serbia and Montenegro towards integration into the European administrative, economic and cultural flows, to which this environment definitely belongs, the ECG considers it the right time to present this framework in which the quality of new economic relations and cultural ranges should be presented, established as lasting not only the positivity of internal social relations and awareness of contemporary cultural heritage, but also as a model on the basis of which a new corporate image is created, essentially linked to the preservation of creative spirit, through the promotion and collecting of visual arts and the strengthening of the independence of artists, economically and institutionally.

Michael Milunović

Five years of HD European Consulting Group

The exhibition of Young Belgarde Artists in the section of Michael Milunović

April 25, 2006

Step Out!

Mihael Milunović
April 25th - Maj 2nd, 2006

Today’s moment in which we’re living in, most of us observe as subjective prism view of egoistic and personal, shorthanded and shortsighted goals, mixed up with daily socio-political depression. How […]