O3ONE gallery board for the mandate 2009/2010 consisted of: Maja Vidaković, Jelena Matić and Saša Pančić. During three meetings, members of the board discussed the works submitted for the Competition for the artworks which are to be exhibited at the gallery throughout 2010.

O3ONE competition for the 2010 exhibitions artwork, which was open to the public, generated a lot of interest among artists in Serbia and the whole region.  Altogether 104 authors sent their applications for one man and for group exhibitions, 74 in contemporary art segment, 9 in urban design segment and 21 in architecture. Guided by the established criteria which were proven successful insofar, the board have recommended 5 authors for one-man exhibitions and 3 groups of artists for collective exhibitions, all of the artists are from Serbia and abroad.

O3ONE will also be the initiator of numerous humanitarian projects and projects within various Belgrade manifestations, which it traditionally follows up and which will promote young designers and architects.

Members of the board have given their recommendations for the exhibitions and projects for the gallery’s 2010 programme, they are as follows:

Contemporary art:
1.“Arboreusi 2010” – Eugen Borkovsky
2.“Tattooed girl’s room” – Dragan Vojvodić
3.“ UPDATE (Are You Ready?): my own (female) character” – Suzana Vuksanović
4.„Getting closer manual“ – group Project6 (Martina Miholić, Zdravko Horvat, Igor Juran, Tea Hatadi, Karla Šuler, Maja Rožman)

5.Young Designers’ Studio Association Hungary (SYDA/FISE) – Mr Robert Mascher
6.“Digital Graffiti” – Sanja Poštić


7.“4of7 Architecture” –  Đorđe Stojanović
8.“Tokyo life” – Janko Radojević