DISRUPTION award for 2009 was given to O3ONE, on Sunday 20th December in Belgrade’s Tube club.

This year’s award for „disruptive“ way of thinking and working, went to project O3ONE. Guided by the idea „think globally, act locally“, and insisting on creativity and different approach to work, the project managed to acquire the trust of its audience but also of the agency LUNA TBWA, and to win Disruption award for 2009.

„Disruption is the main characteristic of the TBWA, but it is a well known philosophy to all who live in Serbia. The way of life, the habits and the endless creativity were the inspiration for LUNA TBWA to establish Disruption award, which is given once every year to those who succeed by changing the rules.  Disruption award is our way of expressing admiration to individuals and companies in Serbia who deserved it“.

First award was given in 2004 to Ivan Tasovac, director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, who managed to change and popularize the perception of the classical music and the philharmonic orchestra. In 2005 laureate was Saša Lozoski, painter and designer who thought of and was brave enough to organize a fashion show in an orthodox church, and in December  2006, the award was given to Miomir Korać, for the project „Viminacium“.