O3ONE invests special energy and care in the nurture of codependence of arts and ecology through a continuing support to the creative liaisons between experts in these areas: by providing a visual and aesthetic expertise, high profiled research of the creative industries, encouraging intertwining of cultural, economical and ecological activities, with a strong intent to take part in social changes and to contribute with new ways of rising social awareness. O3ONE’s mission is to imbed positive characteristics of corporate systems in the post-ideological civil societies. This approach tends to find the optimal financing and development model for this type of interdisciplinary artistic programmes.The collaboration of the project and various companies has been recognised by the Ministry of culture through the BIZART award, as a unique example of a relation between two sectors – business and arts. The partnership network consists of: the Ministry of environmental protection, Reiffeisen bank, Apple centre, Eunet, Lightology, Si&Si company, DPC, Vizartis, Alma Quattro, B92, Epson, while the realisation of the programme has been supported by the Assembly of the city of Belgrade and the Ministry of culture.

“All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

Does culture affect recycling? The answer is “yes”: people who consumate culture – recycle more, regardless of whether the trash containers are near or not. This implies a stronger motivation. There is a statistically significant causal relationship between cultural inclinations and a habit to recycle. The same mechanisms probably apply to the other forms of responsibility towards the environment. The goal is to set free the creative gene, inherent to every human being.