O3ONE designes projects which are attractive to all sorts of people – those with different interests, different education, needs and experiences. It develops participatory projects which include different audiences, as well as local communities. They are developed through collaboration with other organisations and individuals through national, regional and international initiatives. Creative learning and participation represent the core of all our activities.

Focus 2014 Teenagers

O3ONE believes that teenagers should be given an opportunity to contribute to the society with their own ideas, helping them develop their creative skills. Teenagers can change the world, avoiding the mistakes of their parents. There are many innovations in the world of knowledge – which depend on the creativity of the generations of youth, given an opportunity to contribute to their own development, as well as the development of the society, investing through the participatory projects in the fields of arts and culture. The teenagers are always faced with the same problem – how to rebel and agree at the same time. They answer with a defying attitude towards their parents and copying off each other. When the adults say that the teens “believe they are invincible”, it is actually their energy and fearlessness they’re talking about. What defines them represents their biggest strength at the same time. Watching too much television which incites passivity, and with vague or wrong values of the society that the media is feeding them, kids often remain immune to the well-meaning advice of the adults. Every society has politicians it deserves, and this applies to teenagers as well. Let us help the young citizens to develop their creativity, independence and responsability through projects, thus creating a society they wish to live in and contributing to a community of equal citizens.

Art makes you smart

To many who promote education through art, art truly is a universal cure – it allegedly enhances test results, develops social responsibility and reduces the number of dropouts. There is evidence that support a correlation between “exposure” to the arts and specific results. Our aim is to influence their skills of critical thinking, their level of social tolerance, empathy and inclination towards the arts – through their involvement in creative projects and engagement in various activities regarding culture and arts. We are interested in the perception of the high schoolers of others, and how they wish to be perceived by the others – their peers, as well as the grown-ups. We are not talking about projects by the grown-ups, intended for the teens, but rather about projects intent on providing a model, frame and, above all, support to the teenagers. In fact, it’s them who will propose the best projects through self-perception and perception of the “temples of culture”. The availibility of the arts will strengthen the voice and develop a critical thinking in every young citizen of Serbia.

Art experience

This programme engages various audiences, offering them a possibility to understand “codes” of the arts through participation and interpretation. The selected artists/ artworks are being reevaluated with regard to historical circumstances, contemporary cultural practices and policies, while the audience develops its own taste through its experiences and an interactive and participatory approach, thus becoming an uninhibited audience. Popular/ iconic/ significant/ kitch works of art will be presented in a clear and interesting way. Experts from different areas, professionals from the fields of arts and culture, as well as public figures, such as politicians and various creatives will choose a piece of art and justify their personal choice. This way, even the non-audience will become interested in revealing the secret values of the art works, or “codes” the works are “read” through.

Students Mentors

Mentoring is not social work, because the emphasis is actually on establishing a meaningful relationship between the mentors and the mentees, developed both ways and of use to both them and the society. Students Mentors programme takes people on a journey of knowledge and self-knowledge, discovering potentials, helping the youth recognise their dreams and make them come true.

007 licence (to art)

The project is interdisciplinary, because the students-mentors and teenagers (high schoolers) will use culture as a medium through which they can develop their creative ideas, concepts and activities.
The project is designed to instigate teenagers to explore their own relationship towards the enironment, especially the artistic and cultural spaces, but also the audiences (including themselves) that people them. In the light of recent changes and increase of the number of the unemployed among the young, as well as of a growing disenfranchisement, the teenagers will be called forth to explore how the public sees young people in public spheres, how the teenagers would like to be perceived and how culture can be used (street art, music, dance, stand-ups…) as a medium for rectifying the disparity between the two discourses.
While visiting national and international exhibitions, festivals, manifestations and cultural institutions, the teenagers will be adressed by the managers and curators, professionals from the world of arts. Our intention is to expose the young to stimulating contents and help them enter a positive interaction with the protagonists of the artistic and cultural world.


O3ONE considers education through art a basis for securing full development of the potentials of the young. In accordance with the priorities of UNICEF, it is our goal to focus on the teenagers who are marginalised and stigmatised in the transitory processes of the Serbian society, those who were left out from all the relevant public policies. We wish to include them into society through the education through arts, so that they can participate actively in the system reforms in Serbia. One segment of the project will deal with the possible solutions to the issue of violence among the youth through creative projects, so that another angle of seeing their potential can be offered, in a society with a clear value system. O3ONE will be collaborating with the organisations with a European experience in work with the marginalised groups. O3ONE will also assist the processes of developing educational and social programmes by realising pilot projects focused on the adolescents, engaging them creatively in solving issues. Through inclusive projects, O3ONE will be working on engaging the public, in order to keep the teenagers from being neglected or manipulated by the adults, as well as the society in its entirety.