O3ONE is in the business of exhibiting pieces of contemporary art, buying pieces, developing projects, production of displays, issuing of an annual magazine and books. It is an organisation that promotes reflexion on the position of photography in contemporary culture, while exploring new ways to consumate photography through an integrated system which combines intelligent and quality works.

O3ONE was founded in Belgrade, with an ambition to include the entire region, as well as effectuate international projects – collaboration is, truly, the very heart of everything we do.

O3ONE’s goal is to explore the possibilities of the widest possible presentation and distribution of the works of the contemporary artists of Serbia internationally. It also develops educational and participatory programmes, enabling a different approach which develops curiosity, aiming to provide relevant and critical spaces where ways of forming works of contemporary art, especially photography, may be observed. It tends to ask how contemporary art affects shaping of cultural, social and political policies which, in return, shape our perception of the world.

O3ONE is a collaborator and a promoter of the University of Belgrade, especially the University of arts, as it helps the students in obtaining the much necessary experience and skill in cultural management. O3ONE also promotes positive social values in youth, diminishing the negative impacts of the transition.
O3ONE develops regional and European interdisciplinary artistic and cultural exchange through partnership projects, taking an active participation in the process of European integrations.

O3ONE, oriented towards cultural initiatives based in projects, serves as a multimedial platform, open to all of the creative and innovative individuals who work in diverse communication fileds of culture, economy, business and media.